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Monday, 29 April 2013

Straw-mazing Strawberry Mango Sorbet

I was craving something straw-mazing for dessert. Organic strawberries were cheap today at the grocery store so I bought a couple pounds. They are in season right now and oh so yummy! Strawberries are also very good for your health. They boost immunity and are packed with antioxidants like vitamin C which is cancer-fighting, wrinkle-fighting and great for your beautiful eye's sight. Anti-inflammatory properties make them great for those with stiff joints and arthritis. They help regulate blood pressure, which is good for your heart... and what are strawberries shaped like??? - A heart! And don't forget the two f's - fibre and folate. Fibre is great for digestive health and folate is especially important for expecting mothers or women who are trying to conceive. 

So I had all these fresh strawberries and I thought, 
'what could I blend these with?' 
(I blend everything)...

I had frozen mango in the freezer, one cup left, the perfect amount. So I blended one cup of frozen mango and 6-7 large strawberries in the blender with two pitted medjool dates... Straw-mazing! 
It was just what I wanted for dessert. 

Straw-mazing Strawberry Mango Sorbet

6-7 big ripe strawberries
1 cup frozen mango
2 pitted medjool dates

Blend all ingredients together in high-speed blender or food processor and enjoy! 

Until next time,
Keep it fresh and fruity! 
Naturally Ashley

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