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Monday, 22 April 2013

Chocolate Hair, Cacao Bronzer and Aloe Vera Gel Hair Treatment

I was inspired to try shaking some raw cacao onto my roots this morning after seeing a post from my sister Nikki. She tried using baby powder like a dry shampoo, but found that it was too white for her dark brown hair so she used cocoa powder instead. I rarely eat cocoa/cacao, so this was a great way for me to use up the powder I had in the cupboard. My hair hasn't been washed in a week and I was just about to use aloe vera gel as a mask when I seen the post so I thought I would try this first!

I took about a teaspoon of cacao and sprinkled it onto of my head, gently shaking it throughout my roots. It worked pretty well but it did build up down the middle in my part and you could see the brown powder. I would maybe sprinkle less on next time.  I would also suggest you avoid wearing white or light colors just incase it shakes down and stains! The powder also sprinkled onto my cheekbones so I rubbed it in like a bronzer and it worked pretty good! I am going to try this with carob powder!!

After I was done playing with the cacao, I applied a aloe vera mask using 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel, generously massaging it into my scalp and hair. It was cool and soothing to my scalp, which is still irritated. I let it sit in my hair all morning as I edited photos and had breakfast - 6 bananas blended with cinnamon!

The gel almost evaporated and I wondered if I even needed to rinse it out. But I did and my hair felt really nice. The roots were a little heavy but my scalp was saying THANK YOU! This definitely helped with the irritation.

Here are 4 reasons to try Aloe Vera Gel today:
1. Hair Growth - Aloe vera is a natural treatment that can prevent hair loss and it may even stimulate the growth of new hair! Great to try for both men and women with thinning hair.
2. Natural Shampoo - When you mix coconut milk with aloe vera it becomes a nourishing shampoo, packed with vitamins and minerals that repair strengthen your scalp and hair. You can also add essential oils to boost the potency and add a lovely fragrance. Peppermint oil will help wake you up in the morning and adding lavender oil at night will help you sleep.  
3. Dandruff -  Aloe vera gel is refreshing, and feels cooling as it soothes and moisturizes the scalp. It alleviates itching and  dandruff as well as balances oil production to prevent excess oils or dry scalp.  
4. Conditioning - Aloe vera naturally moisturizes and repairs the hair to make it strong, soft and shiny. I've also ready that it's great for frizz control and doesn't leave you with a buildup that other products may leave behind. 
So now that you know all these great things, you can go buy a bottle from the health food store. It's cheaper than shampoo, and way better for your hair! Next on the list to try - coconut milk! I will keep you posted! 
Stay fresh and fruity, 
Naturally Ashley


  1. The mixture of aloe vera and coconut milk is the solution to my drying hair and I’m still using it today. Have you tried having coconut milk on your hair? I bet you liked it. Please keep me updated regarding your experience with coconut milk ‘cause I’m excited to see your results. :)

    -^ Paola Basilio ^-

    1. Thank you for your comment Paola! I am so happy to hear that the aloe and coconut milk is working for you! I am going to try the combination tonight! I will definitely keep you posted on how it goes! How often do you use this on your hair?

  2. I tried the coconut milk! It was so nourishing and my head feels wonderful three days later. It's quite oily so I'm going to try and wash it with bananas tonight :)

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