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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Benefits I Experienced on Banana Island and Your Top 8 Questions Answered

I just had a mango! Loved it! So happy to have them back in my life! Just wanted to share with you all the benefits that I noticed over the past week!

Here are some of the BENEFITS I experienced on Banana Island:

  • Better mood, I'm naturally happy but Banana Island kicked it up a notch. I was blissed-out the entire time! 
  • I felt more motivated, to get things accomplished and to exercise - one of my struggles!
  • Great recovery time, not only from exercise, but from getting my wisdom tooth pulled. I'm a wimp at the dentist but I healed so fast! I still can't believe it! 
  • Better digestion. 
  • I noticed that I peed a LOT! That was my body releasing toxins, which is why it's so important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated! 
  • Lots of energy throughout the day, but tired by 10:00 and ready for bed. (I had really good sleeps too!)
  • Clear and vivid dreams. I felt like I was actually talking with my grandpa!
  • Some people lose weight, but I stayed the same. Maybe a pound or two but nothing major.
  • I feel more connected to my spirit and my body, more aware and loving towards it. 
  • Less attachment to food. Not worried about over-eating and a heightened awareness of what it means to be truly full. (the bananas would start to loose their flavor and I would know that I was satiated. How many times does this happen with a 'regular' meal, but we keep eating anyways? Listen to your body!)
  • Convenient and Easy to prepare meals. No Dishes!  
  • More time to focus on things that I enjoy doing.

I will do this again, but maybe a melon island next time for a good kidney flush! I love watermelon and honey dew, but I will wait until they are in season - being more nutritious, tasty and affordable! And now to answer the most common questions that I was asked while on the island.

Your Top 8 Questions Answered:

"Why brown spotted bananas? I like my bananas a little green."
-All of my banana recipes are made from RIPE brown spotted bananas. This is very important as the brown spots signify that the bananas are ripe - meaning the carbs have turned to sugar, making them easily digestible. Unripe bananas can cause cramping, bloating and constipation. It's best to eat all of our fruit ripe! You get used to it, I used to eat my bananas a little green too! Start by throwing ripe ones in a smoothie. 

"Are you making banana bread with all those bananas?"
- Nope, I'm going to eat them all! Probably today. I get asked this often at the grocery store and you wouldn't believe the looks I get! 

Aren't Bananas high in carbs? Wont eating that many make you fat?
-No, it won't! Carbs are your friend. We need them to be healthy and happy! As long as they aren't the processed, refined white flour/sugar carbs found in cakes, cookies and muffins, etc. Look at the fat content in these items - and rethink what might actually be making you fat from them. They are usually made with butter, oils, milk or other fatty agents. Plain brown rice and the carbs found in fruit will not make you fat. 

Isn't that too much sugar?
-Not when you are eating low fat. The sugar is easily absorbed and utilized as energy when there is little or no fat clogging up the bloodstream. Bananas contain very little fat (3% of their calories) so you are safe on the Island from sugar rushes and crashes.  I had a very steady even energy throughout the day.

Aren't you are going to overdose on Potassium?
-You would have to eat around 300 bananas all at once to OD on potassium.

30 Bananas a Day link to info about potassium overdose: 

What about protein?
-Did you know that 4% of a bananas calories come from protein? I actually make sure that I don't eat too much protein to prevent an overly acidic body chemistry. This can lead to calcium being leached from your bone and teeth, inflammation and chronic disease. I love having a healthy alkaline body! 

Don't you feel really full? I could never eat that many bananas!
-How do you know this? Have you ever tried? I feel completely satisfied on Banana Island without feeling stuffed. If I tried to eat 25 unripe bananas in one day, I would feel pretty bloated and gross. But when the bananas are brown spotted and ripe, they are easily digested in the body and leave you feeling light and full of energy! 

Aren't you sick of them already?
-Nope! More in love with Bananas than ever!

Thank you to everyone that has been following my Banana Island Adventure on Facebook, Youtube and here on my blog! Please feel free to leave comments and questions that you have that I may not have answered above. 

Lots of love and ripe bananas, 
Naturally Ashley 


  1. great post will be doing a banana island soon myself

    1. Yay! Enjoy the island! is it your first time??

  2. I'm all about to do BI but just got myself wondering if you can drink coffee, tea, soy or nut milk? Or is this just bananas and a plenty of water?

    1. Just bananas and plenty of water! Some people add greens at supper. It depends on your body and what you are looking to accomplish. I would suggest going off coffee/caffiene at least three days before starting a mono fruit island cleanse. Have fun and best of luck to you!! :)