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Monday, 30 December 2013

Set Your New Years Intentions on Fire!

Do you have your New Years Resolutions set? I challenge you to give your resolutions a twist this year- rephrase them, and turn them into New Years Intentions. Once you do that, we can set them on fire and in motion! You have the ability to make 2014 your best year yet! Plus it's a new moon! Which means your intentions are manifested even quicker, you'll want to do this fun exercise this year for sure! 

Why intentions?
Resolutions often focus on the negative, things we wish to change or don’t like about ourselves. Like, "I want to lose ten pounds." or "I'm never eating fast food again." Intentions are more positive and about the process/journey, rather than a focusing on what you are doing wrong or an end goal that can be 'failed'. By setting an intention we open ourselves to multiple outcomes, ones that may be greater than we imagined in the first place. 

Write them down
Here's a fun exercise! On New Years Eve, grab a pen and paper and write down your New Years Intentions. You can do this on your own or with a group. When writing, take the time to look inward and be clear on what you want. This doesn’t mean figuring out the HOW; leave that up to the universe! If you have a clear idea of what you truly desire, the universe will conspire to make it happen for you.

Set them on Fire!
After you have your New Years Intentions written down, put them in a safe place overnight, or sleep on them under your pillow. On New Years Day, wake up and Set Your Intentions on FIRE! Throw them in the fireplace, burn them over the toilet and throw in the water, or however you like as long as it is SAFE. By burning the paper you are saying to the universe that you trust in it’s ability to provide, and release control over the outcome. You are surrendering to the beautiful mystery, knowing that things will happen for you at the exact time and place they are meant to. And they will! 
 **If you are under the age of 18 please get an adult to assist you in burning your intentions, or just rip them up and throw them in the garbage! 

Writing your intentions:
- Be clear. What do you truly desire and want this year to hold for you?
- If you don't know what you want, set some time aside to meditate and clear your mind. Imagine yourself in your happiest state/place and let the intentions flow to you.
- Write them down in one or two sentences. 
- Set intentions that are of service to others, and/or the universe. Ie: ‘I want more money – so that I can be more generous.’  'I want to be on t.v. - so that I can help spread a positive healthy message."
- State them in the present tense, as if they are already true. And don't let your mind tell you they can't be done. 'I am abundant so that I may share my wealth with the world.' 

If I have learned anything this past year it’s that what we resist persists and what ever we focus our attention on manifests. Instead of focusing on losing that last ten pounds try shifting your perspective and thought patterns to focus on things we love about ourselves. The more love we have for ourselves, the more likely we are to respect our bodies, minds and spirits.  Love comes first. 

Here are some examples of New Years Intentions based on ones I will be writing for myself! What are yours?
  1. I love and respect my body, spirit and mind. I choose healthy foods to fuel my body, think positive thoughts, move my body and sleep well.
  2. I embrace both my light and dark side, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong.
  3. I choose to meditate often which includes, singing, dancing and sitting silently.
  4. I allow myself the space to be creative, to paint and play and explore. 
  5. I am abundant in all aspects, financially, spiritually, and in my relationships so that I may be of service to others.
  6. I am full of love and gratitude at all times. My light shines bright and inspires other to do the same. 
  7. I am confident in my abilities and take opportunities knowing that I cannot fail. Only successes and lessons to be learned. 
  8. I live in the present moment. No need to worry about the future or live in the past.  Now is all that matters. 
  9. I create a inspiring work space for myself at home that is organized. 
  10. I create my own website so that I may inspire others to live more healthy lives.
  11. My heart is open to new possibilities and experiences.  
  12. I choose to give up negative self talk and accept myself and others for who they are. I am perfect. You are perfect. We are all perfect. 
  13. I choose to spend time travelling to hot places with fresh, ripe fruits. 
Ready? Set. Inspire! Plant those seeds and watch them grow. I wish you all the best in 2014! 

Lots of Love and Fresh Squeezed Hugs!
Ashley Clark
Holistic Health Coach
Naturally Ashley Nutrition

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