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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Healthy Holiday Drink Recipes

HO HO HO Healthy Holiday Drink Recipes! Everyone loves to sip on nog, or hot cocoa while sitting beside the fireplace, (real or on your t.v. screen!) but maybe you would like something with a little less fat, and sugar, and dairy and eggs! Hmmmm?

I thought I would share with you my favorite holiday drink recipes so that you and your family can enjoy a healthier holiday season. Try both the Holiday Nog and Ginger Cocoa recipes, plus the most Christmasy Cran-Cherry Smoothie! All recipes are free of dairy, eggs, gluten, and sugar, and made using only whole fresh foods, a little spice and a lot of love.

I got to present these recipes on the Regina Global Morning News Show on Dec 23rd! Here's the link to the live segment! 


Cran-Cherry Apple Cinnamon Smoothie
This is the perfect holiday smoothie. Especially if you end up with some leftover cranberries, fresh or frozen. Did you know that cranberries are a good source of iodine? A mineral that many people are deficient in. I make sure to stock up on fresh organic cranberries this time of year just so that I have lots on hand! 
*Tastes great as a breakfast smoothie or taken to holiday parties.

*1 cup frozen cherries 
*1/3 cup fresh or frozen cranberries 
*1 mandarin orange peeled 
*1 gala apple cored
*1/2tsp vanilla powder  
*1 tsp cinnamon
*1/2 c water

1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy! 

Ginger Cocoa
Can you imagine anything better than a hot, sweet, ginger, chocolate drink? Me neither! I can't get enough ginger cocoa, it really warms me up on a cold winter day. You can make it with just cocoa and dates for a sweet hot chocolate, or just dates and ginger for a real spicy treat! Either way, you're going to love this warming drink! 

*6-8 pitted dates 
*thumb sized chunk of fresh ginger 
*1/2 tsp cinnamon
*2 tsp of carob powder* (or cocoa)
*2 to 3 cups of hot water

1. Heat 2 to 3 cups of water in a kettle or on the stove. 
2. Place dates, ginger, and spices in the blender
3. Add the hot water, blend and enjoy! 

*I use carob powder instead or cocoa or raw cacao because it's caffeine free and has a earthy chocolatey taste!

Holiday Nog
I didn't believe that there could be a dairy free, sugar free version of eggnog that I would enjoy. I remember buying the soy-nog in the tetra pack and the eggnog tea just to try and get my nog fix when I first went dairy free. None of the imitation nogs were satisfying. I was so excited when I first tried a raw vegan eggnog made from coconut and frozen bananas by Heather at And I loved it! I made the recipe for my family last Christmas. Some of them didn't love the hint of banana flavor as much as I did, so I came up with this persimmon recipe which is equally delicious without the nana undertones.

*Water and meat from one young thai coconut
*2 persimmons (frozen) 
*3 Medjool dates (pitted)
*1/4 tsp vanilla powder (or 1/2tsp vanilla extract)
*1/2 tsp cinnamon 
*pinch of nutmeg

1. Freeze two persimmons overnight in freezer. Remove the top leaves and cut them into chunks before freezing. Check for seeds, they may or may not contain any (usually not). If you cannot find persimmons, 2 frozen bananas make an equally awesome nog!
2. Place frozen persimmon or banana chunks into your blender.
3. Crack open your coconut and pour out the water into a the blender.
4. Scoop out the coconut meat and add to the blender. (skip the meat for proper food combining)
5. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend on high until smooth and enjoy your Holiday Nog! 

***If you do not have a high speed blender, pre-soak the dates in a cup of water for at least an hour beforehand to soften them up. 
***If you cannot find a young thai coconut you can use 1 cup of bottled coconut water.

I hope you enjoy these delicious holiday drink recipes. Let me know your favorites! 

Happiest Holidays to you and yours! 
Lots of Love and Fresh Squeezed Hugs!

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