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Monday, 20 May 2013

Four Dogs and One Long Weekend

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!  I did! Lots was happening, I did a newborn photoshoot Sunday morning, my girlfriend from high school got married on Saturday, I worked the Carrie Underwood concert Friday and went out dancing with my sisters afterwards. All of which took it's toll on me, especaily because I am juice cleansing right now. I do not recommend staying up late while juice fasting! Sunday I felt hungover even though I didn't drink anything but water and pure grapefruit juice.

I did a video on Saturday about how I was feeling after getting annoyed at the dogs.
(Click here to watch -->
I have three dogs and I was babysitting my sister Nikki's Pyrenees/Shepard Lucy. Look at how pretty she is!

This is Chase. He is 17! 

 Gabby Girl 

Sir Winston Crumb  

With four dogs, I bet you can imagine that if one started barking all of them did- not great for nap time! I felt bad for my neighbours. And I wound up getting pretty mad a frustrated with them, opening the screen door to yell. When I did I noticed that my intestines became instantly inflamed. And since I am juice cleansing (and feeling great intestinally so far) I immediately knew there was a connection between the emotions I was choosing and the way my body felt. I was agitated and inflamed and so were my guts. It actually makes perfect sense now that I think about it and I am grateful for the lesson here - The next time my digestive system feels irritated and inflamed, I will not only stop to think about what I have ate, I will stop and think about what I am thinking, how I am feeling and check in with my emotions. Are these thoughts serving me? Or are they taking away from my inner peace and happiness.  How could I look at this differently? I could be grateful for the protection and unconditional love from 4 awesome pooches.

Just be LOVE people! Love yourself, Love your body, Love each other. And pay attention to your thoughts. If you find yourself in a challenging situation, turn around and ask what is the lesson here? What is the universe trying to teach me to help propel me forward. I am definitely more in touch with how my emotions and thought effect my body because of this cleanse.

Today is day 7 of 10! It feels great to get through a whole week and know there's only three days left. I have been sticking to Orange Juice, Green Juice and Coconut water but yesterday decided to make a sweet-treat juice out of longan fruit! It was tedious peeling and deseeding them but it was sooo worth it to get this sweet and silky juice. I used a whole bag with 1/4 cup of water blended in the Vitamix and strained with a nut-milk bag.  

Longan Juice!

I will be posting a wrap-up video on or after day ten to share my full experience with you! 

Lots of love and fresh squeezed hugs, 

Naturally Ashley

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