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Friday, 22 March 2013

Chocola-Cherry Banana Pudding

~Welcome to my blog Naturally Ashley. I just finished banana Island where I ate nothing but bananas for seven days! You might think I'm bananas... but I feel great! I am also still eating lots of bananas!
 I was craving chocolate covered cherries this afternoon and came up with this recipe for Chocola-Cherry Banana Pudding to satisfy my sweet tooth. I am still reintroducing foods and trying to keep it simple, that's why this recipe is so great - it's only three ingredients! Super easy and it takes just a minute or two to whip up. 

Doesn't it look great...?

I cannot describe how yummy this was! Such a lovely afternoon treat. Sure to be a hit with your kids and you don't have to worry because it's insanely healthy. 

Here's my three secret ingredients: 

~Banana, dried cherries and carob powder!~

Ok, not so secret, I'm sure you guessed them all from the title. Maybe not the carob powder though...I use it in place of cocoa or cacao when I make my chocolately recipes. When I started using carob in place of cocoa or cacao, I mixed it half and half, but love the taste of it by itself now. I actually prefer the earthy flavor of the carob over cacao, and you don't end up shocking your adrenals with all that caffeine! I learned this lesson the hard way on Valentine's Day: I treated myself to some raw chocolate truffles made with cacao and boy was jacked! - I was up until four in the morning buzzing and incredibly restless. Not my idea of a treat! 
So I happily stick to carob powder - and you can buy it at your local health food store. 

Here's the super easy, super yummy pudding recipe:

Chocola-Cherry Banana Pudding

In a blender or food processor or blender, pulse or blend together 

~2 Ripe Brown Spotted Bananas
~Half of a package of Dried Sour Cherries 50grams (or approximately two packed tablespoons) 
~2 tbsp Carob Powder (or cocoa/cacao if you don't have any carob yet....Get some!) 

Blend until smooth and creamy! Serve with sliced bananas and/or fresh cherries in the summer if you have them. Serves two lovely people. 

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!!! 

Lots of love and bananas, 

Naturally Ashley

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